Mismatched Summer

Who says everything we wear must match color wise? I love bold colors and I’m not scared to wear stripes with loud limes and beautiful electric blue pants. I always keep a black & white blazer and denim bustier on hand to complete the look. Top it off with a bright shoe and pow you’ve just created the simplest summer collaboration! The look can also be reversed with stripe pants. Samples below.








Tropical Ambitions

When everyone in the midwest was nestled at home trying to cope with the blistering polar vortex meteorologist said would plaque us for a big chunk of February. My love and I set sail on a Caribbean cruise. Trying to put the thought so far back In our minds we would both only get to spend a week and return to our home cities, we definitely made the most of it.

Since it was still winter I couldn’t wait to dive in my wardrobe and pack all my island ensembles. I overpacked as usual, but for the love of a fashion I was willing to suffer overweight luggage prices to make sure I had all my essentials! I’ve posted some of the pictures below.

Ports of Call:
Puerto Rico
St. Thomas
St. Kitts
St. Lucia
St. Maarten




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Corset Kisses

Something’s never get old. Corsets are one of them. Every female can relate to that first time they got the strings tightened in the back and all dear life felt like it was going to end. I still indulge in purchasing them, despite the deep breath I take after slipping in one.

Recently, I ordered a couple online from a wholesaler and ohlala! The vintage look still exist but modern time has played an elegant twist on this oldie but goodie. Everyone knows I’m obsessed with floral so the prints I found knocked me off my feet. If floral isn’t your thing you can still find them In sleek, solid colors. Satin black or vixen red. Corsets are definitely a way to spice up a dinner date or to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Trust me, we will see more of these timeless pieces surfacing this summer! 20140526-151118-54678800.jpg20140526-151119-54679142.jpg



Missing you in London

So… I haven’t quite discussed my personal life but I will fill my readers in on a little secret. My fiancĂ© is from London and resides there until we can figure out the best approach in getting the proper visas. Until then, I can only stay for up to 6 months. If you don’t know anything about the UK’s immigration rules then boy I’ll save that for another post. I can already feel the headache. Ouch!

Carrying along, while visiting him last spring we set out to see lots of touristy sites and every time I’m there the pictures never seize to amaze me. Part of that is from my guy being a photographer. So of course I get a head start. But the beauty of London always sets for an amazing backdrop. If you’ve ever been there you know what I mean. The crowded streets of Central, billboards and flashing lights of Piccadilly Circus, the sexiness of Soho. Its absolutely captivating. Not to mention the fashion scene. I remember my first time there with my friend Alex. We were speechless. I think my man knew that, perhaps the sole reason behind his dimpled smile.

The fashion in that city is unbelievable, countless designers, high fashion and independent artist surround you all over the jam packed city streets. My fashion is enhanced and inspired every hour I have to explore with my love outside of the States. Even in the tube station you can spot Britain’s now trending. Culturally diverse and historically rich, If you haven’t been I beg you to put it on your bucket list. So to show a little love to my long distance beau and tie some fashion to this piece, I’ll post some of my favorite pictures of my last visit in the City of Westminster. Be sure to check back as I will be posting more from past, present and future trips.

Wanderlust world xoxo







Nail Greed, My Multicolored Nail Obsession

Being indecisive me, I can never make up my mind what color to pick after my manicure is complete. I must of gotten on my manicurist last nerve when I checked out all the colors over and over for at least 15 mins. So instead I decided to get all ten nails a different color.

The first week I did this, I carefully selected random colors instead of rainbow. Making sure no two colors fell in the same color range. Then, I went back for a color change and decided to do the same with pinks. That way my nail lady doesn’t have to worry about removing my shellac polish once cured. We all know how dreadful that can be. I can now leave the salon happily satisfied with all ten colors I thought I couldn’t get if I only selected one! 20140525-220715-79635989.jpg




Cameo, Cameo where art thou Cameo?

I absolutely love cameos. Whether classic Victorian or modern with a twist. For me, wearing a cameo centered on my neck oozes sex appeal and over all a great deal of femininity. A couple of months back I visited a vintage store and found a cameo for under $40. Now, I’m not sure if it’s real and I’ve read how to check but I’m not to keen on the validity of her essence. I just want to wear it.

Cameos date back as far as the 1600’s and oh yes, those lovely Edwardian styled ones we all seen in our grandmothers jewelry box, tells a tale of an unforgettable era. We can all thank King George III’s granddaughter Queen Victoria for making the mass production of them so prominent in the late half of 1900’s.

As the fashion clock repeats itself, century after century, fashion faux pas after must-have. Cameos are making a come back. So whenever you are trying to figure out what to pair with a solid cami or something subtle with your cocktail dress. Slip on a cameo and let the compliments rain! And if ever in Paris check out the Cameo of France, the largest of antiquity at the
Bibliotheque Nationale.

Here’s a link to an Esty store that I love that sells affordable, handmade cameos and sets.








Kanye West Fashion Line

Ok everyone, after reading the title you’re probably thinking, what is she talking about? But I’m serious. We all know Kim K’s baby daddy likes to wear some over the top garments. But really, would you wear his line?

A couple years ago, he blew the curtains back and released his ready-to-wear women’s line at Paris Fashion week for all the world to see. Honestly, the ultra white loose fitting trousers, paired with fur and deep plunging neck lines caught me off guard. I was thrilled.

Now, he may not be the best at giving award speeches, but I can say I think he may be the best rapper to design women’s clothes. If it was up to rapper Nelly, we’d be nude. Two Chains? Need I say more?

Mr. Yessus reportedly partnered with 80’s, three stripes on the side brand Adidas and will release the line in the fall of this year. So that brings me to the question at hand, would you wear his line?